Kusum Shrestha Interview in ‘Suman Sanga’

Published On: November 11, 2016 || 2073 कार्तिक 26 शुक्रबार , at 12:32 PM

Kathmandu-  Nowadays  one  photo is going viral in social media . Nepal’s vegetable seller girl photos has gone viral on social media and breaking the internet.

Now, we have pictures of a young woman, presumably a green grocer, breaking the Internet with hashtag #Tarkariwali.  As dubbed in many news reports of Indian and Nepali Media.

Actually she is Kusum Shrestha form Gorkha district in West Nepal to be specific from Bhumlichok Village, Devesthan. According to Gundrukpost , She is the only child of Mr. Chandranarayan Shrestha and Mrs. Gyanu Shrestha who are also aware of their daughter’s picture being viral on internet.  Her Parents are ordinary people who depends on framing.