Industrialists, locals in Rupandehi protest constitution amendment bill

Published On: December 2, 2016 || 2073 मंसिर 17 शुक्रबार , at 1:42 PM

Butwal- Different entrepreneurs’ organisations and locals have protested against the constitution amendment bill recently registered in the parliament, in different parts of the Rupandehi district.

The protesters have urged the government to withdraw the bill soon. The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Butwal chapter, Bus Entrepreneurs Association among other dozens of trade organizations have jointly protested against the government decision of registering the bill in the parliament.

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The locals, various organizations and political parties have continued the agitation programmes against the amendment bill in Province No 5 for few days as the bill has the provision of changing the border of the province.

The FNCCI, Butwal chairman Mahesh Man Singh has urged the government to withdraw the bill saying that it was forwarded to separate the Tarai districts from the hilly ones in the province.

The protesters have stated that the bill was intended to disintegrate the national sovereignty and unity among the people from Tarai and hilly belts. RSS