New gas industry comes into operation in Jhapa

Published On: December 10, 2016 || 2073 मंसिर 25 शनिबार , at 11:15 PM

Surunga (Jhapa)- A new gas industry has come into operation from today in Jhapa district. The industry was set up at an investment of Rs 150 million.

The Pathibhara Gas Industry has been operated at Charpane, Birtamod Municipality -2.
The Industry’s managing director Laya Bhandari said the industry has been set up to supply gas to the LPG-operated vehicles by setting up gas stands at different points on the highway.

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Speaking in a press conference here today, Bhandari said the industry has the capacity of producing 500 tonnes of Liquefied Petroleum Gas. He shared that on the first day of its operation the industry has supplied 3,500 cylinders to the market today itself.

The Industry is spread over two bigaha land and employs 25 people. With the coming into operation of this gas industry, the number of gas industries in Jhapa has reached to four. RSS