Colonialism, important factor for underdevelopment of south Asian region

Published On: December 11, 2016 || 2073 मंसिर 26 आइतबार , at 2:18 PM

Kathmandu- CPN (UML) senior leader and former Prime Minister Jhalnath Khanal, has said that the colonialism was one of the most important factors for the underdevelopment of the south Asian countries.

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He added that this cause has hindered the rapid development of the region. However, notable economic progress seen in the region was the matter of satisfaction these days, Khanal added.
Speaking as a key note speaker, at the event of the World Youth Summit for Peace in Islamabad at Jinnah

Convention Centre today, leader Khanal added that the millions of youths in the region were compelled to go abroad for employment due to growing unemployment in the region which has affected the rapid development of the region.
In another context, leader Khanal further said that the youth were the pillar of the change for social transformation and economic progress in each country.

Leader Khanal’s aide Krishna Bhattarai has informed that former Prime Minister Khanal has met former prime Minister of Pakistan, Raza Gilani among other VIPs there. Leader Khanal is scheduled to return home on December 14.RSS