Police beat in boudha vandalized (With Video)

Published On: December 12, 2016 || 2073 मंसिर 27 सोमबार , at 9:13 AM

Kathmandu- The Boudha Naya Basti area remained tensed throughout Sunday, taking over the death of a taxi driver.

A resident of Dolakha and currently living at Gorkarneswar of Kathmandu, Raj Kumar Lama died last night. Local and relatives blamed the death on police action, and vandalized the metropolitan police beat at Naya Basti. Three motorcycles were set on fire in front of the police post.

Police had to resort to firing warning shots to bring the crowd under control. Twenty-five people involved in vandalism were arrested, according to Spokesperson of Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu SP Pradyumna Karki. He however denied police involvement in the incident of death of the taxi driver.

Driver Lama was reportedly found in an unconscious state near the Kumari temple in Naya Basti. He died on the way to hospital. Further investigation into the incident is underway, including the various rumours about the involvement of various sides in the incident, SP Karki said.

Video Source : Annapurnapost