Conspiracy being hatched against federalism and republic

Published On: December 20, 2016 || 2073 पौष 5 मंगलबार , at 11:21 PM

Surkhet- Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said some unscrupulous efforts are being made to revert the values and principles of federalism, republic, secularism and inclusion and proportional representation in the country.

pm-prachandaAddressing the training to the CPN (Maoist Centre) cadres of province number 6 on Tuesday, Prime Minister Dahal said, “Ill attempts are being made to reverse the change agendas including federalism, republic, secularism and inclusive representation when the Maoist movement saw a slight deviation”.

Referring the remarks of some leaders of opposition parties including CPN-UML, he said they have in one way or another advocated for monarchy and the 1990 Constitution.

PM Dahal, also the Chairperson of CPN (Maoist Centre), spoke the need of unity among the Maoist forces to safeguard the change agendas as the reverse of which would make no sense of Maoist movement. “We forged unity with 10 Maoist forces however the merger campaign is yet to be completed”, he said, adding that efforts to do so are still on.

He announced that the party would come up with local campaign and hold general convention after local and district convention.

Noting that the major priorities of the country now are constitution implementation, completion of peace process, reconstruction and prosperity, PM Dahal said the government is doing its work keeping the people betterment at the centre.

“The constitution amendment proposal is registered at the parliament. It is not the proposal of the Maoist rather it is the one which the CPN-UML advanced and Nepali Congress seconded”, the PM said, “I am merely aspiring to implement the constitution by accommodating Himal, Pahad and Terai”.

During the training, Maoist Centre leader Narayankaji Shrestha and leader Ram Bahadur Thapa asked the party leaders and cadres to intensify preparations for local elections.

On the occasion, CPN (Maoist) leaders including Mohan Bahadur KC and cadres joined the Maoist Centre. RSS