National unity at the receiving end : Ex-King Shah

Published On: December 21, 2016 || 2073 पौष 6 बुधबार , at 11:25 PM

Kathmandu-  Ex-King Gyanendra Shah has said that the national unity and feeling are being battered in a ruthless manner.

Gyanendra ShahIssuing a press release on Wednesday, former King said, “The social harmony prevailing among the Nepali people is waning. Utmost efforts are underway to break the good will among the people of Terai, hill and mountainous regions”.

The national base would in no way be strong by doing the politics of prohibition and revenge, reads the statement.

“The faiths of people are still live and the feeling of nationalism is equally strong among the people. To fulfill the responsibility bestowed by the history to protect the nation once again and keep its existence intact for generation to come, the time has come for all Nepali people to awake”, ex-King noted.

Shah also urged one and all to impart the message of national unity, integrity and indivisibility through the national feeling and dedication to nation. RSS