Taskforce formed on recommending foreign affairs think-tank

Published On: December 26, 2016 || 2073 पौष 11 सोमबार , at 9:34 PM

Kathmandu- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has formed a taskforce to provide recommendations towards developing a ‘think-tank’ for formulating foreign policy and undertaking policy research and studies by restructuring the existing Institute of Foreign Affairs.

ministry-of-foreign-affairsThe Board Meeting of the Institute held Monday under the chairpersonship of Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat constituted a five member task force headed by former ambassador and foreign affairs expert Dr Dinesh Bhattarai.

Other members in the taskforce are Joint Secretary of MoFA Mani Prasad Bhattarai, Institute board member duo, Kumar Regmi and Hari Prasad and former ambassador Shambhu Ram Sinkhada (invitee member).

Deputy Executive Director of the Institute Dr Indra Kumari Adhikari has been designated as the Member-Secretary of the taskforce.

The high-level taskforce will recommend the ways for restructuring the institute as a think-tank to study on foreign affairs.

The taskforce has the tenure of two months in doing so. RSS