Appeal for celebrating Nepali Cap Day

Published On: December 31, 2016 || 2073 पौष 16 शनिबार , at 10:54 AM


Kathmandu-  The fourth edition of the International Nepali Cap Day has been announced to mark the New Year celebrations by wearing the traditional Nepali cap to evoke the Nepali way of life.

topi-dayThe celebration of the Day by wearing the Nepali traditional Dhaka and Bhadgaunle caps will help promote Nepali way of life in the international community while further publicizing and strengthening the culture within the country, campaigners Dr Lekhnath Kafle and Shankar Banjade shared.

The Day has been celebrated around the world since January 1, 2014 by bringing into use the different types of Nepali caps of ancient-vintage in order to make its use more extensive and spread its popularity in the world. RSS