Nepal to face India in 4th SAFF Women’s Championship

Published On: January 1, 2017 || 2073 पौष 17 आइतबार , at 6:27 PM

Kathmandu-  Nepal will face India on Monday in the semi-finals of the 4th SAFF Women’s Championship underway in Siliguri of India.

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Nepal leads Group ‘A’ while India is first runner-up of Group ‘B’. This will be a tough match for Nepal to secure a win to compensate its loss to India in the third edition of the SAFF Women’s Championship held in Pakistan two years ago.

Having won all three different matches in the group phase of the championship, Nepal has gained the total nine points. In earlier matches, Nepal defeated Bhutan 8-0, Maldives 9-0 and Sri Lanka 1-0 respectively.

Likewise, India has secured a win against Afghanistan and played a goalless draw against Bangladesh.

India defeated Afghanistan 5-1. Likewise, Bangladesh will also face Maldives in the second semi-final on Monday. RSS