House obstruction continues until withdrawal of amendment bill

Published On: January 7, 2017 || 2073 पौष 23 शनिबार , at 8:07 PM

Kathmandu-  CPN (UML) General Secretary Ishwor Pokharel has said that they would continue the House obstruction until the constitution amendment bill registered in the Legislature-Parliament is withdrawn.

ishwor-pokhrelAt a programme organised by Sindhuli-Kathmandu Liaison Forum here on Saturday, leader Pokharel said that the Parliament meeting called for Sunday would also be halted.

He further said that discussion regarding elections should be held by cancelling the amendment proposal, saying the CPN (UML) would not allow constitution amendment against the welfare of the nation.

The CPN (UML) General Secretary said, “There will be serious crisis in the country if the CPN (UML) backed from its stance regarding constitution amendment. It will not budge until the amendment bill is withdrawn to save the nation from crisis.”

Clarifying that they have not protested the amendment bill for political interest, leader Pokharel shared the information that they have been protesting it to protect national interest instead.

On the occasion, he also honoured Chairman of the Nepal National Civil Servants’ Organisation, Sindhuli, Kedar Devkota. RSS