China’s beauty in Kathmandu

Published On: January 18, 2017 || 2073 माघ 5 बुधबार , at 8:11 PM

Kathmandu- A photo exhibition named ‘China’s Beauty’ has begun at Nepal Art Council in the capital city on Wednesday.

The exhibition is organized jointly by Nepal-China Cultural and Educational Council, and China Photographers’ Association.

ChinaThe 5-day long exhibition has displayed photos by different photographers. Nature, culture, people’s life, wildlife, development activities, historic places, hills and Himalayas , medieval houses of Yunnan dynasty, cities of China are shown vividly in the photos.

Inaugurating the exhibition, senior artist Kiran Manandhar, said relations set up with China by Nepali artist Araniko should be further strengthened.

The Chairman of the Association expressed the confidence that photography could be a common language to boost relations.

Officials from Nepal Art Council including its Chairman Dr Harischandra Shah opined that Nepali artists could learn a lot from the Chinese artists. RSS