Government announces May 14 as local election date

Published On: February 20, 2017 || 2073 फाल्गुन 9 सोमबार , at 9:47 PM

Kathmandu- The government has announced local elections for coming May 14.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers held Monday evening took this decision.
Earlier, the Election Commission had recommended the government to hold the local election on the above date.

Pmo-OfficeThe Government has decided to hold the local elections at the same day across the country on coming May 14.  The date was finalized by a meeting this evening of the Council of Ministers.

A decision was also taken to release Rs. 10.29 billion from the Finance Ministry to the Election Commission for the purpose of the election, according to Government Spokesperson and Minister for Information and Communications Surendra Kumar Karki.

Talking to reporters following the meeting, Minister Karki said the country is now focused on election. “The country is now into elections, the government has made an important decision. But support of all is necessary to make the elections successful,” he said. RSS