About Us

Nepali is Nepalese news portal which   operates by Nepali Outlook Media Pvt.Ltd.  We publish our news content in two language. First is Nepali language and second English.

Good governance, prosperity and equity is our main target.  Still, we are in political transition. So we also give priority in political news. But our  main  concern  is in social issue like corruption, human trafficking and social equity.

We enter  in this most competitive digital platform  since  29 May 2015. We are committed to practice healthy journalism .  We promise  we will not  violate  norms and values of  professional journalism in any cost.

Our Team

Ram Kumar DC

Chairman /Editor in  Chief

Ishant Sitaula

IT Chief


Jiwan Dangi


Ashim Bhattari


Ramit BK


Rabindra Pratap Gupta


Tilak K.C.


Kailash Gharti Magar

(Qatar )